What Is An IEE?

Learn about Independent Educational Evaluations

8/3/20231 min read

An independent educational evaluation (IEE) means that the evaluation is conducted by a qualified person who is not employed by the school district that serves the student. A parent can request an IEE at public expense from a school district. A parent of a student with a disability has the right to obtain an IEE of the student at public expense if the parent disagrees with an evaluation obtained by the public school. An IEE may be necessary if the child has a complex disability. An evaluator with additional experience may not be available at the school. A parent may also consider an IEE if they disagree with the report or if they would like a second option. A parent has the option to privately fund the IEE, or the parent can request an IEE which is paid for the school district. The school must have already completed its evaluation and the parent disagrees with the district evaluation before requesting an IEE at public expense. If the school completed their evaluation but didn't access in all areas of need within that evaluation then the parent has the right to request an IEE at public expense. The parent must put the request for an IEE in writing. The letter should include that the parent disagrees with the district's evaluation and is requesting an IEE at public expense. The parent isn't required to explain why they disagree with the district's evaluation. The district can either agree and grant your IEE or deny your request. If your request is granted you are free to see any evaluator of your choosing. Ask for the schools guidelines as the evaluation may have mileage or expense limits. If your request is denied then the school district must schedule a special education hearing to defend their decision. The hearing officer will grant your request for the district to pay or deny. A parent can still acquire an IEE at their expense. If the request is denied speaking with a special education attorney is advised. If a district denies your request and fails to file for a due process hearing write a letter to the district. Ask for the district to reconsider your IEE request and speak with a special education lawyer.